Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss Ferling Baume des Tigresses Bling - Bling Review!

I am all about getting things that other people don't have. If something becomes a fad (besides UGGS, i love those things) then I generally am turned off. I love, and I find most of my "exotic" things on there. I recently purchased this hand lotion from the company called Miss Ferling. My good friend in my psychology class is from London, and she has mentioned this company before so I figured it was pretty trendy there. None the less, this lotion was very expensive for the amount you get (tiny tube for $20) but overall I am in love with it!

I keep this lotion in my train case and break it out whenever I'm going somewhere fancy at night. It's special factor is that it is entirely pigmented with mother of pearl. This lotion is truly "Bling - Bling" and no, your boyfriend (no matter how cracked his hands are!) cannot use this. Very girly and very me! I suggest you head over to and see for yourself. they also have non-bling lotions as well.

Miss Ferling Baume des Tigresses Bling - Bling! It's so freakin sparkly and it rubs off on everything!
(I still love it though)

Moral of the story - try new things! I really love things from out of the country, provided they are safe! This is a great way to begin your French adventure.. just in time for the Holidays! hope this helps!


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