Sunday, October 31, 2010

Benefit Posietint Review!

I love this stuff. I was debating on putting it up here, but I believe every girl should own this. This tint is buildable and the most gorgeous pink! The box suggests you "dab a little on your lips and smooth in" but i directly apply the nail polish style brush to my lips. The packaging is flashy and pink and it's a giant amount for the price. CHECK IT!

Posietint with no balm, I suggest you use some!

Posietint on my hand :)

Hope this helps! I love this stuff. 


MAC eyeshadow in Crystal Avalanche, Naked Lunch, Knight Devine Review!

I rarely wear eyeshadow but when I do it has to be something that is smooth, high quality and true to color. I love MAC eyeshadow and have for a long time now. I try a lot of expensive brands (YSL, Givenchy, Dior) but MAC is great for the price. These will last you awhile and are extremely pigmented. I love these colors day or night..

(left to right) Knight Devine, Naked Lunch, Crystal Avalanche

Knight Devine is a gorgeous dark grey that is really buildable. I don't usually wear smokey eyes but when I do it is definitely a favorite. Naked Lunch is a gorgeous color for highlight or base eyelid. It's smooth and the champagne hue looks great on everyone! Last, but not least is Crystal Avalanche. My absolute favorite highlighter from MAC. This color is really white, perfect for when you want a deep smokey eye! 

(left from right) Crystal Avalanche, Naked Lunch, Knight Devine

This is honestly a great selection to have if you love smokey eyes and don't want to sort through hundreds of shades that are compatible (MAC has the greatest selection ever, GO LOOK!) and PS HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Hope this helps!


DIOR Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Sari Pink 756, Mauve Accent 886 Swatches!

These glosses are absolutely gorgeous and definitely Dior standard. I don't mind spending the extra money if it's A) going to last me awhile and B) be as beautiful on as in the tube. I worship anything Dior (it all grows on me..) and these glosses are no exception. I bought these on a haul and have no regrets. They are great for night and are extremely attention grabbing! Very couture..

Sari Pink and Mauve Accent (sorry it's darker, better pics below)

This was my first Dior lip product besides the Color Reviver Balm (Review & Swatch soon) and I was really pleased with it. Sari Pink goes on really smooth and feels like a regular thicker gloss. It lasts for awhile and stays looking fresh so it's great for day!

This brush applicator is awesome! If this product had a sponge rather than a brush it wouldn't be nearly as beautiful on!

Sari Pink (love this so much)

Mauve Accent 

Mauve Accent is a great color. I wasn't sure how it would look on me, but the beautiful pink sparkles inside this tube of bright purple gloss had me at hello. It is definitely LOADED with sparkles. Once you apply this particular gloss, you can feel the little sparkles on your lips! Other than the semi gritty feeling, I love this.

Mauve Accent

And last but not least, the two glosses together!
(from left) Sari Pink, Mauve Accent

I hope these help!


NARS Belle De Jour, Funny Face and Roman Holiday Lipstick Swatches!

This is my first ever blog post! I created this blog for many reasons. My main reason was because I am a total make up addict and I constantly am purchasing products for myself (I hope to eventually be sent products for review, if you're interested contact me.) I hope you enjoy and subscribe, I promise to swatch my whole make up collection eventually.


NARS (from left to right) Belle De Jour, Funny Face, and Roman Holiday.

Belle De Jour is a wonderful nude color that is very popular with Kim Kardashian. A lot of other celebrities tend to choose this color as well. This nude beige is wonderful for medium complexions! Very smooth even application. A daily favorite.

Belle De Jour 

Funny Face is a fushia with a tint of red. It is extremely loud (my boyfriend hates it on me) but I absolutely love it. I heavily applied it in the picture, but usually I just dab a little and smooth it out and put on clear gloss. Overall, it's a very gorgeous fushia blue hue. The only issue I have with this color is that it is a very matte application so it almost skids across my lips. I really don't like when lipsticks do this, but this is the only issue I have!
Funny Face

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Roman Holiday. This color is absolutely stunning. I saw the swatch on the NARS website and wasn't interested at all. It seemed too pale pink. I ended up doing a massive haul for Sephora F&F Sale and I purchased it. The color in the tube is dark! It shows up a pretty pink with buildable color on the lips. It's an everyday color for me and I hope you love it too! Very smooth application.
Roman Holiday

And here are all of the swatches together :)
(from top to bottom) Funny Face, Roman Holiday and Belle De Jour

Overall, I am really happy with these 3 colors. I'd say they are the safest of the 30 or so shades available. I hope to purchase Venice and Damaged soon, so swatches & reviews of that will be up soon!