Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NARS Blush in Orgasm, Amour and Douceur Swatches!

Nars is top shelf forever. This blush is no exception! The color payoff from this fine powder is amazing. I am going BA-NA-NAS (thanks Rachel Zoe!) over it. Did I mention I'm obsessed?!

(left to right) Nars Blush in Orgasm, Douceur, Amour

First is Orgasm. This blush is absolutely gorgeous! It's a peachy pink gold hue. It has some sparkles but nothing too garish. It really does give that ahh, uh hum.. glow.. to your face! This is really popular universally because it compliments virtually any skintone exceptionally well. I love this look for anyone. It's a great everyday favorite. 

Nars Orgasm Blush

Second is Douceur. I lose sleep over this blush! It's my new absolute favorite. Francois Nars created it especially for Fall 2010. If I ever meet him I will kiss his feet for giving us this color. It truly is gorgeous on olive skin! It's a brown pink hue. It gives my cheekbones such extreme definition. Since it is limited edition, I recommend that you get a couple.. I'll be going back ASAP before I lose out. I wonder if anyone is as obsessed with the color as I am? (Another color that is really similar is Dolce and Gabbana blush in Caramel)

Nars Douceur Blush (it's more pink in real life, sorry)

Last but not least is Amour. This color is just so flattering on my medium complexion. It's such a pretty matte darker pink, it's just perfect for a pop of color without being too clownish. I recommend this for someone who wants to look more awake, more healthy and overall in a better state than before. You truly look refreshed with this stuff.. feeling the love yet?

Nars Amour Blush

And finally, all of them together. 

(left to right) Douceur, Orgasm, Amour

Hope this helps! I loved doing this post.



  1. I've been using my NARS laguna for a tan sweep, but the Douceur looks like a slightly lighter alternative. So pretty.

  2. I definitely suggest Douceur, it's almost like if Laguna and Amour had a baby! HAHA