Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle Swatch!

I have liked this lip gloss since I saw it on Mean Girls back in 2005. That movie seemed to always have a character applying these (Gretchen mostly.) Anyways, I was fairly young and pretty unfamiliar with Lancome so I never purchased. I did like how sparkly but natural these looked. I bought this over the weekend and am loving it, even though I'm 6 years late..


This gloss is super thick. The gloss is sticky and not really my favorite for a night with the boyfriend. I do like how it feels on my lips although it's not my favorite. I obviously prefer Dior lipgloss over all. I can't help it!


Swatch on my hand :)

Overall I don't know if I love this, but I do like it. The flavor is subtle but is almost florally. Not a fan of that! Hope this helps!



  1. Hey their cuz, I LOVE Victoria secrets lip gloss!! Super high gloss and very sparkly!! I feel feminine even when I am not dressed up....they taste good too cause you know it always ends up in your mouth lol

  2. Oh I don't have that many Victoria's Secret lipgloss but I do love it! I got some free with my bras on Black Friday!