Thursday, December 16, 2010

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange Swatch and Review!

I saw my girl Kourtney Kardashian on George Lopez (FOR A SECOND. I HATE HIM.) and couldn't help but notice her lips. They were pretty red, but not the usual blueish reds that none of us dark haired, medium skinned girls can pull off. This is a more sunny orange red, and it really had me thinking if $30 was worth a desperate attempt to find a red I like?? (gasp) so I voted yes and I took the plunge.

Kourtney wearing YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

Pretty packaging but it really attracts fingerprints!

A little dark, forgive me.

Upon first opening of this lipstick tube I was in love. This formulation smells better than anything I've ever smelled before. If this scent is the same as any YSL parfum I want it NOW. This lipstick is very very pigmented and I used my finger in fear that I would look absolutely crazy. All in all, this color is worth the money and I'm looking into buying #17 and #6 as well.

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

I'll do a swatch on my hand using the lipstick straight from the tube, not my finger for true color :)

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

I love this purchase and feel like a whole tube will last the rest of my life. My boyfriend has tried to steal the tube to just smell it so I suggest buying this and falling in love just like I did.. even if you're usually shy to reds like me. Hope this helps!


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