Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I buy most things I want for myself. I rarely ask anyone for a gift, even if it is my birthday or Christmas. I have compiled a list of things I want (specifically from my boyfriend) so let me know what you think.

I want to make passionate love to this Louis Vuitton. Again and again and again, etc...

Anna Sui hairbrush.. I am infatuated with this.

Anna Sui Mirror.. absolutely stunning!

Wildfox Couture S'il Vous Plait hoodie.. reminds me of my mother!

Love this smell SO MUCH! Givenchy Play gift set! (Like I really need another perfume)

Tarina Tarantino Brush Revolution Set.. I WANT IT SO BAD! How Fuschia...

Tarina Tarantino Gold Shimmer Dust.. looks orgasmic on anyone. I highly suggest this.

Lollia In Love Candle <3


I hope you ladies feel inspired by my Christmas Wishlist.
I hope I receive the Louis bag, that's my #1!



  1. LOVE. Especially the LV. I was thinking about one too, but I use momma bags- like big, "I'm going to knock you out" bags. His look is so classic though. Love the whole list; haha, and you know I had to get that TT gold before it was even able to be displayed. It looks so good on tanned skin.

  2. I definitely don't think I'm getting the bag. In my fucking dreams. Can't wait for everything else though! Momma gonna knock you out!!!! :) You're so funny.

  3. i love love your wishlist! i have a Louis Vuitton monogram bag and it's definitely worth the splurge. it'll be in style forever and go with any outfit.
    those measuring spoons are super cute too. a great hostess gift!
    by the way i'm from the boston area too :) and also a diehard girly girl.

  4. I totally said that the Louis is timeless as well, how funny! Nice to meet you Kinsey! Sorry I just saw this post now. I love the measuring spoons as I love to bake so I hope I get them! Add me on facebook if you want to chat more,!