Sunday, October 31, 2010

NARS Belle De Jour, Funny Face and Roman Holiday Lipstick Swatches!

This is my first ever blog post! I created this blog for many reasons. My main reason was because I am a total make up addict and I constantly am purchasing products for myself (I hope to eventually be sent products for review, if you're interested contact me.) I hope you enjoy and subscribe, I promise to swatch my whole make up collection eventually.


NARS (from left to right) Belle De Jour, Funny Face, and Roman Holiday.

Belle De Jour is a wonderful nude color that is very popular with Kim Kardashian. A lot of other celebrities tend to choose this color as well. This nude beige is wonderful for medium complexions! Very smooth even application. A daily favorite.

Belle De Jour 

Funny Face is a fushia with a tint of red. It is extremely loud (my boyfriend hates it on me) but I absolutely love it. I heavily applied it in the picture, but usually I just dab a little and smooth it out and put on clear gloss. Overall, it's a very gorgeous fushia blue hue. The only issue I have with this color is that it is a very matte application so it almost skids across my lips. I really don't like when lipsticks do this, but this is the only issue I have!
Funny Face

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Roman Holiday. This color is absolutely stunning. I saw the swatch on the NARS website and wasn't interested at all. It seemed too pale pink. I ended up doing a massive haul for Sephora F&F Sale and I purchased it. The color in the tube is dark! It shows up a pretty pink with buildable color on the lips. It's an everyday color for me and I hope you love it too! Very smooth application.
Roman Holiday

And here are all of the swatches together :)
(from top to bottom) Funny Face, Roman Holiday and Belle De Jour

Overall, I am really happy with these 3 colors. I'd say they are the safest of the 30 or so shades available. I hope to purchase Venice and Damaged soon, so swatches & reviews of that will be up soon!



  1. LOVE! I'm so glad that you like Belle De Jour. It looks fabulous on you. I will have to look at Roman Holiday before FF is over. I plan on hitting again either Monday or Tuesday night for a round 3. LOVE the Burberry too. I have that scarf.

  2. Thank you so much! Let me know how it goes and keep checking back for updates! xoxo