Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIOR 5 Couleurs 970 Stylish Move Swatches!

I love love love love LOVE DIOR shadows. They are a dream to apply; so smooth and silky. This eyeshadow compact is by far my absolute favorite eyeshadow purchase. I love purple eyeshadow and this is great.


These shadows are SO BEAUTIFUL. They are pretty true to palette. The only color I don't get much use out of is the upper left color. That specific color doesn't show up very well on my skintone. The purple is the best purple I have ever used in my lifetime and I think this compact will be a permanent staple in my makeup collection. I highly recommend you splurge on this $58 compact sooner than later. 

Hope this helps! Also, have a happy Thanksgiving! My 22nd birthday is friday so I will be (hopefully) getting some good stuff. 


Sunday, November 21, 2010

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura and Wicked Swatches!

I am a NARSaholic obviously and I don't know how I didn't own Cordura before. I purchased Wicked on a $10 sale and am happy I did. Nars quality is unmatched, check it out!

(Left to right) Cordura, Wicked

Cordura is something that every brunette needs to own. It's gorgeous, complimentary and buildable (just like all Nars shadows I must say.) These chocolate browns are treats for my eyes and I treasure this compact. 

NARS Cordura

(sorry it's darker) Cordura Swatch

Wicked is a great color for $10. It's a white frost highlight and a lime yellow metallic color. I really enjoy this and am planning on using them as bases. This is a great deal! Go grab it if it's still available on Sephora.com!

NARS Wicked

(sorry it's darker) NARS Wicked Swatch

Overall, I am super happy with my purchases. I suggest you go grab these :)
hope this helps!


Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle Swatch!

I have liked this lip gloss since I saw it on Mean Girls back in 2005. That movie seemed to always have a character applying these (Gretchen mostly.) Anyways, I was fairly young and pretty unfamiliar with Lancome so I never purchased. I did like how sparkly but natural these looked. I bought this over the weekend and am loving it, even though I'm 6 years late..


This gloss is super thick. The gloss is sticky and not really my favorite for a night with the boyfriend. I do like how it feels on my lips although it's not my favorite. I obviously prefer Dior lipgloss over all. I can't help it!


Swatch on my hand :)

Overall I don't know if I love this, but I do like it. The flavor is subtle but is almost florally. Not a fan of that! Hope this helps!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

NARS Eyeshadow in Strada Swatches!

I love Nars. I would work there if I could so I could possibly save money on my ridiculous obsession. I love natural eyes (even eyeliner is too much for me sometimes) but sometimes you need to use some eyeshadow, right? I have really green eyes, so purple is a go to color for me. This is the best. purple. ever.

Nars eyeshadow in Strada (please excuse the yellowish light)

This purple is really light and innocent at first. It is overwhelmed with sparkles that are absolutely gorgeous; they almost look melted right into the pigments themselves. I am a sucker for sparkles and this eyeshadow makes me die every time I open it. I highly suggest this if you have green eyes or just want a fun night time look.

Nars eyeshadow in Strada - how gorgeous???

NARS Strada swatch on my hand :)

Hope this helps!


Miss Ferling Baume des Tigresses Bling - Bling Review!

I am all about getting things that other people don't have. If something becomes a fad (besides UGGS, i love those things) then I generally am turned off. I love beautyhabit.com, and I find most of my "exotic" things on there. I recently purchased this hand lotion from the company called Miss Ferling. My good friend in my psychology class is from London, and she has mentioned this company before so I figured it was pretty trendy there. None the less, this lotion was very expensive for the amount you get (tiny tube for $20) but overall I am in love with it!

I keep this lotion in my train case and break it out whenever I'm going somewhere fancy at night. It's special factor is that it is entirely pigmented with mother of pearl. This lotion is truly "Bling - Bling" and no, your boyfriend (no matter how cracked his hands are!) cannot use this. Very girly and very me! I suggest you head over to beautyhabit.com and see for yourself. they also have non-bling lotions as well.

Miss Ferling Baume des Tigresses Bling - Bling! It's so freakin sparkly and it rubs off on everything!
(I still love it though)

Moral of the story - try new things! I really love things from out of the country, provided they are safe! This is a great way to begin your French adventure.. just in time for the Holidays! hope this helps!


TARINA TARANTINO Lipstick in Showroom Swatches!

I am such a sucker for anything pretty. I can't really help it. If you are familiar with Tarina Tarantino and her jewelry, you know she is all about being loud, sparkly and girly! I love her make up line (for the most part, the primer is terrifyingly white on my skin) but the lip sheen is my favorite besides the fleur de lash mascara.

Conditioning Lip Sheen in SHOWROOM

I really love this lipstick! The texture is smooth and it applies evenly. I haven't tried any other colors but I look forward to going into Sephora and exploring with all of them! I love this color and it has a lot of hype behind it. I suggest starting with this if you are medium skinned (it might be too bright for pale skin.) Also, this lipstick is really affordable ($2 less than Nars) with high quality application so go for it!

Showroom on my lips! Isn't it so pretty?!

Hope this helps!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


the ladies of Wildfox Couture

I am obsessed. These clothes are seen on celebrities, but are actually pretty wearable on a day to day basis. The material is really nice and the quality is excellent. I am now going to post what I'm currently drooling over..

(they have all the signs and applicable cute sayings for each)

I want this SO BAD!



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

weekly obsessions

Lanvin. H&M. TOGETHER. I KNOW. How ridiculous is this? I am so excited, I even chose my favorite pieces to show you. This is going to sell extremely fast, so get on the Lanvin train! Go Go Go!

HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE SHOES? "What would I wear them with?" I DON'T CARE.

Next up is the ridiculous TOPSHOP.COM. They just (today) re-released some of Kate Moss's styles AGAIN. Did you know she had her own clothing line?! It's so gorgeous.. I ended up crusing the site and saw the cutest things imaginable. Check out this week at TOPSHOP!


Last but not least, I LOVE MARGOT ELENA. She is a wonderful woman who creates all things beautiful. Her lines include TOKYOMILK, LoLLia, love and toast, and nectar and pollen. I love LoLLia at the moment, and am gushing over these luminaries and hand cremes.. 

Isn't the crystal gorgeous? I love it so much! 

So these are my weekly objects of desire. I hope you love it as much as I do!


NARS Blush in Orgasm, Amour and Douceur Swatches!

Nars is top shelf forever. This blush is no exception! The color payoff from this fine powder is amazing. I am going BA-NA-NAS (thanks Rachel Zoe!) over it. Did I mention I'm obsessed?!

(left to right) Nars Blush in Orgasm, Douceur, Amour

First is Orgasm. This blush is absolutely gorgeous! It's a peachy pink gold hue. It has some sparkles but nothing too garish. It really does give that ahh, uh hum.. glow.. to your face! This is really popular universally because it compliments virtually any skintone exceptionally well. I love this look for anyone. It's a great everyday favorite. 

Nars Orgasm Blush

Second is Douceur. I lose sleep over this blush! It's my new absolute favorite. Francois Nars created it especially for Fall 2010. If I ever meet him I will kiss his feet for giving us this color. It truly is gorgeous on olive skin! It's a brown pink hue. It gives my cheekbones such extreme definition. Since it is limited edition, I recommend that you get a couple.. I'll be going back ASAP before I lose out. I wonder if anyone is as obsessed with the color as I am? (Another color that is really similar is Dolce and Gabbana blush in Caramel)

Nars Douceur Blush (it's more pink in real life, sorry)

Last but not least is Amour. This color is just so flattering on my medium complexion. It's such a pretty matte darker pink, it's just perfect for a pop of color without being too clownish. I recommend this for someone who wants to look more awake, more healthy and overall in a better state than before. You truly look refreshed with this stuff.. feeling the love yet?

Nars Amour Blush

And finally, all of them together. 

(left to right) Douceur, Orgasm, Amour

Hope this helps! I loved doing this post.


NARS Orgasm Illuminator Swatch!

Nars is basically untouchable. If you'd like to just have one brand forever, I suggest Nars. Quality for reasonable prices. This illuminator is no exception, it is absolutely gorgeous..

I bought this tube almost a year ago when it first came out, and I still have over half the tube left! It's $28, and I feel like it's worth it. It is a gorgeous pink peachy gold hue that is as lightweight as water. It evenly goes on very smoothy. Only issue I have is that it settles into pores, so definitely use a primer.

ISN'T IT GORGEOUS? I can't stop looking at this swatch. SO PRETTY.

Overall I highly suggest you have this for those nights out.. this is comparable to the new Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (Which I own and will swatch soon!) but it's actually cheaper and you get more I think. Hope this helps!


Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Peroxide Swatch!

This lipgloss is something I don't usually go for. I tend to stay away from tacky trendy make up companies, but this is something that had to be mine.

I smelled this at Sephora and couldn't even contain my excitement - it smells like THIN MINTS. Girl Scout to be exact. This formulation is stickier than most, but I love the color and the taste. Also, it gives a cooling sensation (it's supposed to plump your lips as well.) I think it was a good deal and definitely something I'd purchase again, possibly in Midnight Cowboy. Overall, I suggest you buy this if you love cooling, tasty gloss!

Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Peroxide

Swatch on my hand :)

Hope this helps!