Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I LOVE LANVIN (more than I love myself.)

This year Lanvin didn't cease to amazing any of us with their LANVIN X HM collection. I was basically in love the second I saw it and I quickly made my way over to see what the fuss was about. I didn't really buy anything, however, because it felt too cheap to me. H&M has been known to fall apart and suck. I left the store without anything and it pains me to say I regret it. Natalie Portman was seen rocking the dress I almost bought. Damn..

Natalie lookin fine in some LANVIN X HM

I made a YouTube video using the Lanvin lookbook because I have been that infatuated, seriously.  

but anyways, enough about me, the Lanvin website itself is making me lose my shit right now. Feast your eyes upon beautiful Paris couture. I am buying Rosetta Stone in French so I can move and be around these people all the time. I can dream, right?


I am absolutely going insane over these shoes. I am really, really amazon tall (5'9) and flats are my bff.


The photo on the cover makes me want to cry. I love it so much!


These are a gem, especially if you love to entertain. Your posh friends will definitely adore these (and so will kids!)


I absolutely love this, even though I most likely won't create a blonde child. Still adorable!



THIS IS SO AMAZING! She is from the lookbook. I love this and it's porcelain!


if not, you might not have a pulse (or fashion sense.)

Hope this helps!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange Swatch and Review!

I saw my girl Kourtney Kardashian on George Lopez (FOR A SECOND. I HATE HIM.) and couldn't help but notice her lips. They were pretty red, but not the usual blueish reds that none of us dark haired, medium skinned girls can pull off. This is a more sunny orange red, and it really had me thinking if $30 was worth a desperate attempt to find a red I like?? (gasp) so I voted yes and I took the plunge.

Kourtney wearing YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

Pretty packaging but it really attracts fingerprints!

A little dark, forgive me.

Upon first opening of this lipstick tube I was in love. This formulation smells better than anything I've ever smelled before. If this scent is the same as any YSL parfum I want it NOW. This lipstick is very very pigmented and I used my finger in fear that I would look absolutely crazy. All in all, this color is worth the money and I'm looking into buying #17 and #6 as well.

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

I'll do a swatch on my hand using the lipstick straight from the tube, not my finger for true color :)

YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange

I love this purchase and feel like a whole tube will last the rest of my life. My boyfriend has tried to steal the tube to just smell it so I suggest buying this and falling in love just like I did.. even if you're usually shy to reds like me. Hope this helps!


Nars lipstick in Niagra, Dolce Vita and Love Devotion Swatches!

Sorry I've been so M.I.A. I've been busy searching and purchasing Christmas presents! I really love the holidays and I also love buying people things. I've found some amazing gifts for my boyfriend on and so check that out if you need to shop for a guy! Ok I'll stop rambling!

I love these colors and I want you to as well.

Nars lipstick (left to right) in Niagra, Love Devotion and Dolce Vita

First is Niagra. I saw this swatch online and instantly fell in love. I love any pink lipstick and I love orange lipstick as well so the fact that this is a hybrid makes me SO happy! It looks like a coral in the tube and it is pretty true to color, except a little more pink on my lips. I love this with my medium skintone and a coral blush. Love love love!

Nars lipstick in Niagra

Next is Love Devotion. I saw this lipstick on actress Blake Lively and I fell in love. It's a very sheer orange. If you have a good lip color to begin with this just softens it and gives a subtle nude look. I adore this shade and am happy with it, but I feel it's a more summery shade. Beautiful none the less and I got it during a sale! I love you!

Blake wearing Nars lipstick in Love Devotion (we have the same skin tone!)

Nars lipstick in Love Devotion (very sheer color!)

Last but not least is Dolce Vita. This color is always praised and I wanted to know why so I purchased it. In the tube it's a very brown ugly color but on your lips it's beautiful! I think this should be owned by every girl. It's very versatile and I think it's definitely worth a try ladies!

Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita

Now here are all of the swatches on my hand :)

(left to right) Niagra, Love Devotion, Dolce Vita

I now own 6 Nars lipsticks and I love them all. I hope this post helps!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I buy most things I want for myself. I rarely ask anyone for a gift, even if it is my birthday or Christmas. I have compiled a list of things I want (specifically from my boyfriend) so let me know what you think.

I want to make passionate love to this Louis Vuitton. Again and again and again, etc...

Anna Sui hairbrush.. I am infatuated with this.

Anna Sui Mirror.. absolutely stunning!

Wildfox Couture S'il Vous Plait hoodie.. reminds me of my mother!

Love this smell SO MUCH! Givenchy Play gift set! (Like I really need another perfume)

Tarina Tarantino Brush Revolution Set.. I WANT IT SO BAD! How Fuschia...

Tarina Tarantino Gold Shimmer Dust.. looks orgasmic on anyone. I highly suggest this.

Lollia In Love Candle <3


I hope you ladies feel inspired by my Christmas Wishlist.
I hope I receive the Louis bag, that's my #1!


Feeling Candylicious?

I sort of can't get over candy jars. I really want my whole apartment to be covered in glorious glass candy jars but my boyfriend isn't into that -sigh-. I took some pictures of my recent obsession - my pink glass candy jar. It's my first of many beautiful glass jars that I bought some old school candy for. I hope to receive these as gifts, so if any of my friends see them on sale, let me know. Hope this inspires you.

I might be trying to relive my childhood, so what?!