Saturday, November 6, 2010

NARS Eyeshadow in Strada Swatches!

I love Nars. I would work there if I could so I could possibly save money on my ridiculous obsession. I love natural eyes (even eyeliner is too much for me sometimes) but sometimes you need to use some eyeshadow, right? I have really green eyes, so purple is a go to color for me. This is the best. purple. ever.

Nars eyeshadow in Strada (please excuse the yellowish light)

This purple is really light and innocent at first. It is overwhelmed with sparkles that are absolutely gorgeous; they almost look melted right into the pigments themselves. I am a sucker for sparkles and this eyeshadow makes me die every time I open it. I highly suggest this if you have green eyes or just want a fun night time look.

Nars eyeshadow in Strada - how gorgeous???

NARS Strada swatch on my hand :)

Hope this helps!


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