Sunday, November 21, 2010

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura and Wicked Swatches!

I am a NARSaholic obviously and I don't know how I didn't own Cordura before. I purchased Wicked on a $10 sale and am happy I did. Nars quality is unmatched, check it out!

(Left to right) Cordura, Wicked

Cordura is something that every brunette needs to own. It's gorgeous, complimentary and buildable (just like all Nars shadows I must say.) These chocolate browns are treats for my eyes and I treasure this compact. 

NARS Cordura

(sorry it's darker) Cordura Swatch

Wicked is a great color for $10. It's a white frost highlight and a lime yellow metallic color. I really enjoy this and am planning on using them as bases. This is a great deal! Go grab it if it's still available on!

NARS Wicked

(sorry it's darker) NARS Wicked Swatch

Overall, I am super happy with my purchases. I suggest you go grab these :)
hope this helps!


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