Tuesday, November 2, 2010

weekly obsessions

Lanvin. H&M. TOGETHER. I KNOW. How ridiculous is this? I am so excited, I even chose my favorite pieces to show you. This is going to sell extremely fast, so get on the Lanvin train! Go Go Go!

HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE SHOES? "What would I wear them with?" I DON'T CARE.

Next up is the ridiculous TOPSHOP.COM. They just (today) re-released some of Kate Moss's styles AGAIN. Did you know she had her own clothing line?! It's so gorgeous.. I ended up crusing the site and saw the cutest things imaginable. Check out this week at TOPSHOP!


Last but not least, I LOVE MARGOT ELENA. She is a wonderful woman who creates all things beautiful. Her lines include TOKYOMILK, LoLLia, love and toast, and nectar and pollen. I love LoLLia at the moment, and am gushing over these luminaries and hand cremes.. 

Isn't the crystal gorgeous? I love it so much! 

So these are my weekly objects of desire. I hope you love it as much as I do!


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