Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIOR 5 Couleurs 970 Stylish Move Swatches!

I love love love love LOVE DIOR shadows. They are a dream to apply; so smooth and silky. This eyeshadow compact is by far my absolute favorite eyeshadow purchase. I love purple eyeshadow and this is great.


These shadows are SO BEAUTIFUL. They are pretty true to palette. The only color I don't get much use out of is the upper left color. That specific color doesn't show up very well on my skintone. The purple is the best purple I have ever used in my lifetime and I think this compact will be a permanent staple in my makeup collection. I highly recommend you splurge on this $58 compact sooner than later. 

Hope this helps! Also, have a happy Thanksgiving! My 22nd birthday is friday so I will be (hopefully) getting some good stuff. 


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