Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tarte for TrueBlood Cheek Stain and Lipsurgence Swatches & Review!

Let me start by saying I'm not a huge TrueBlood fan. A lot of my friends go completely crazy over how sexy everyone is on that show and at a local bar in Boston last year they met the whole crew (I passed on that which shows my true feelings!) That being said, I really really LOVE the colors in this limited edition line. While I do not own the palette, I did get a chance to pick up the cheek stain and the lipsurgence. I am in absolute love with the cheek stain! I had never used a cheek stain before (from Tarte) and needless to say I am very, very impressed! As far as the lip product goes, I own over 20 lipsurgence products and it was very high quality just like the others and the color is perfect. Check it out!

*drooooooool* Wait, what? Sorry, I was caught up in the pictures of the lipsurgence lip tint! Tarte describes this color as an iridescent red shade and I agree. Some bloggers are calling it pink, but do you see pink in the swatch? I don't. This lip product is wonderfully moisturizing and beautiful on.. my only gripe is that it is not terribly long lasting (I don't mind reapplying though because it tastes and smells like mint!) This lip product perfectly compliments the gorgeous cheek stain which is unbelievable.

First off, this cheek stain smells like tropical fruits. I can't even handle how delicious it smells and my face smells like it when I apply! The stain looks like a bright red gold sparkle party in the tube but it applies a beautiful iridescent reddish pink shade. I apply the cheek stain directly from the tube which does result in some larger glitter on my face and I like it that way! Who doesn't want glitter on their face? Also this cheek stain lasts for an incredible amount of time on my face! I applied it at 7am one morning and it was still just as gorgeous at 10pm! My skin is light/medium right now and it looks good on my darker friends as well. Definitely worth the investment.

The cheek stain applied directly from tube to arm without blending to show color intensity!

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  1. Ahh!! Drool is right. I actually just got the palette and ordered the lip tint and cheek stain yesterday. I'm super excited to get it now! Thank you for the review and swatches. Think you will get the palette? I'm truly impressed with the palette so far.

  2. That is so great Nina! I'm glad this post is getting you excited for your product in the mail! I do think I'll end up getting the palette. The colors do look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for following my blog! I'm going to be posting a ton of swatches on the summer products I just got :)