Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bath and Body Works has the best candles ever. Period. The end!

Happy fall! It doesn't feel like fall today with the temperature reaching 83! (WHAT?) I think it's really strange how warm it is but I loved it outside today! I wanted to talk about my favorite thing about fall and winter - new yummy candles! I have been doing my research and finally picked out my set of 4 (I always buy seasonal candles in 4, hello OCD!) I love relaxing, yummy scents in the colder months. I get pretty down in the winter because it's so dark and it really helps having delicious candles around. My mother's favorite winter candle is Yankee Candle Blueberry, but don't you dare buy it.. it's hard enough for her to find as it is! Check out my selection and let me know if you agree and what you'd add to the mix! Have a great day off tomorrow.

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