Monday, June 13, 2011

bright lips - summer 2011 hot trend

I have always been a fan of loud makeup. I love bright lips way more than I love defined eyes. Most people thought I was a little crazy not having a slew of nudes in my lipstick collection because of my medium skin and dark hair.. now look who was right all along! I absolutely love this trend and have been supporting it long before it even was a trend! Am I famous yet? (Kidding, of course.) Check out the photos and I will explain how to achieve these looks!

+ Begin with MUFE Aqua Waterproof Lipliner in 16C (for fuchsia/hot pink lips) or 17C (for bright orange/red lips)
+ Line lips with the liner of your choice and fill in as well if you want
+ Apply a hot pink/orange/red lipstick with a brush (pinks I suggest Nars Schiap, Nars Carthage, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #36 Fuchsia.. oranges/reds I suggest YSL Le Orange, Nars Love Devotion, Nars Heat Wave)
+ Apply a clear gloss if you do not want a matte look; otherwise enjoy!

Lots of love to you bloggers!

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