Sunday, May 8, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman favorites (Spitfire lipstick, Mighty Aphrodite blush) review!

I really love Wonder Woman. I remember watching the show when I was really young (What up 1992!) and I died when I saw this MAC collection! Mighty Aphrodite blush and Spitfire lipstick are my absolute favorites and honestly I'm pretty bummed out I can't purchase Spitfire or Mighty Aphrodite blush again. The size of the blush is almost a half oz, and for MAC that is definitely super size. The color payoff from both products is absolutely amazing! I use the two together very frequently.

I love the giant mirror, and the coloring of the package is adorable as well. The colors are described as a "satin frost" and I agree. The smaller, darker pink color is matte and deep. The larger color is peachy/coral shimmery pink and it takes up most of the pan. I usually just swirl my blush brush around and apply to my cheeks (it might be too difficult to use one color alone unless it's the frosty color.) Overall this blush is one of my favorites, especially for the upcoming summer months. Personally, I like this more than Guerlain Rouge G blush which was also supposed to be very popular this spring season.

Spitfire is my #1 lipstick right now. I am so hooked on this plummy, gorgeous color. It compliments dark hair very well. This formulation is 'satin' and it is extremely longwearing. If you can, go grab this color before it's completely gone. I highly suggest it!

Best xx

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