Sunday, May 8, 2011

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl really lights up any complexion!

Let me begin with saying that I usually don't like highlighters. Highlighters, or luminizers, are mostly known for being a disco ball of glitter.  I have been searching everywhere to find the perfect highlighter, and I think I found it!

I roamed into my local Sephora a couple months back and was doing my usual browsing. I was in a really bad mood and I wasn't finding anything close to what I was looking for (my dream highlighter of course!) and it was really getting me down. I walked over to the Benefit section, and low and behold - a Benefit rep! I have never seen a company representative in my Sephora (or any Sephora) and I was really excited to speak with her. She was beyond informative and showed me a bunch of products that I enjoyed; however I was hooked on Girl Meets Pearl once she put it on my cheeks. "See, you're a girl meets pearl girl for sure!" she exclaimed as she showed me what I looked like in the mirror she was holding. Whoa.. that was from just that? My face was lit up and glowing, but not in a glittery way. My skin looked dewy and caught light easily. The smell of this highlighter is so delicious, honestly I wish there was a perfume with the scent. My friend who was with me at the time was excited to try it next, and of course - it looked just as good on her very light complexion. I am forever grateful to the wonderful Benefit rep for showing me this treasure of a product.

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